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Timeline from 1954 - 2004

  1. Preaching Mission

    Frs. Eusebius and Denis from Tamil Nad Province of India arrived for a year-long preaching mission, prior to the invitation of the late Bishop Olcomendy, Bishop of Melaka-Singapore, to cater to the needs of the Tamil speaking Catholics in Malaysia- Singapore. Preached in towns and estates.

  2. Invitation to Malaysia

    Rt. Rev Dominic Vendargon, Bishop of Kuala Lumpur, officially invited the Capuchins to set up a friary in Malaysia. Frs. Athanasius and Denis arrived and were housed with a diocesan priest in Klang. Work/apostolates consisted of preaching and 3rd Order activities.

  3. Port Swettenham

    Frs. Reginald and John of the Cross arrived and were housed at Port Swettenham (Port Klang now as it is called). Bishop Dominic offered a building abandoned by the Malayan Coalaries at Batu Arang. Br. Agatho, Frs. Hugolin and Montfort reached Port Swettenham.

  4. St. Michael’s Friary at Batu Arang

    St. Michael’s Friary at Batu Arang was officially opened with Frs. Denis, Hugolin, Br. Agatho and Postulant Dominic Francis being the first occupants. Frs. Athanasius, Montfort and Br. Reginald were assigned to St. Anne’s Church, Port Swettenham while Fr. John was assigned as the Parish Priest of the parish at Klang.

  5. The mission continues

    Fr. John was re-assigned to St. Anne’s Church while Fr. Athanasius took over his at Klang. Br. Reginald and Fr. Montfort were posted to Batu Arang. At the end of 1963, Fr. Denis and Br. Dominic returned from India. Fr. Gerard arrived and was appointed as Superior at Batu Arang.

  6. Gethsemani Friary, Cheras

    Opening of new friary at Cheras; Gethsemani Friary. In the same year, Frs. Athanasius and Gerard returned to India and Fr. John of the Cross was named Superior.

  7. Br. Agatho and Fr. Reginald returned to India and Br. Dunstan arrived from India.

  8. Way of the Cross Statues

    Fr. John of the Cross purchased life–sized statues of the way of the Cross.

  9. Frs. Percival and Clement arrived to Malaysia, Fr. Montfort meanwhile left the country.

  10. Fr. Percival erected the Stations of the Cross. Br. Dominic and Fr. Montfort were assigned to Cheras. All the other friaries were suppressed by now. Fr. Aloysius Ward did a visitation in December Fr. Walbert (Mission Secretary) did his visitation at the end of Dec.

  11. Fr. Hugolin returned to India and Fr. Clarence replaced him.

  12. Church of St. Francis of Assisi

    Deputy Minister of Home Affairs of Malaysia officiated the Opening of the new Church of St. Francis of Assisi. It was blessed by the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, then Tan Sri Dominic Vendargon. It was erected by Fr. Clement.

  13. The Parish of St. Francis of Assisi

    The Church of St. Francis of Assisi was officially declared a Parish.

  14. The last friar from India

    Fr. Jonathan was the last of the Indian friars who left the country after the government imposed stricter regulations concerning missionaries in the country. Officially raised to Delegation from the status of Mission.

  15. Transfer of Jurisdiction

    Officially transferred jurisdiction from the Indian province to that of the Philippines.

  16. Custody of Malaysia-Singapore

    Officially raised to the level of Custody.